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IP Rights Investigators & Investigation Services in Bangkok

Intellectual property theft and commerce in counterfeit & pirated goods are growing at an alarming pace globally. Counterfeiting is no longer limited to the knockoffs of high-end designer handbags sold on city street corners but, instead, has evolved into a sophisticated black market industry involving the manufacture and sale of counterfeit versions of an unimaginable number of products. We understand the issues of loss among industries and have worked in most industries that have issues with counterfeiting or infringements. Our IP rights investigative services are mentioned below:

IP Investigations in Bangkok

  • Counterfeiting / Infringement Investigations
  • Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patent Infringement Investigations
  • Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Gray Market investigations
  • Market Surveys
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • IP Litigations Support Investigation
  • Geographical Indication Investigations

Law Enforcements Services in Bangkok

  • Conduct and organize criminal/civil seizures
  • Customs Protection

IP Audit Services in Bangkok

  • Factory Auditing Services
  • Brand Integrity Audit Services

IP Monitoring Services in Bangkok

  • Internet survey and monitoring services
  • Market Monitoring Services
  • Trade Fair Monitoring

IP Acquisition Services in Bangkok

  • Domain Name Purchase
  • Company Name Purchase
  • Trade Mark Purchase

IP Other services in Bangkok

  • IP Sample/Test Purchases
  • IP Attorney Services
  • Co-ordination /Awareness/training campaigns
  • Vendor Information
  • Service of Cease & Desist Notices

Our main goal is to plea for defence against the unlawful importation/exportation /grey market/parallel trading/of counterfeited and pirated goods. For further discussion about our ip investigation services for your requirement respectively kindly contact us on

ip investigation service in bangkok